get fit with britt // tricep dips

Welcome back to Get Fit with Britt! I'm going to be posting some demos of my fave exercises taught at Pure Barre Williamsburg, with the help of their awesome instructors. Pure Barre is a fast, effective, and most importantly, safe way to change your body, and follows a technique that's high-intensity, but low impact to protect your joints! Thanks to Pure Barre, I have been able to build long, lean (not bulky!) muscles while tapering everything in & lifting it up! For this series, we will pick a particular move, explain the focus area and correct form, then demonstrate it so you can practice at home! That way, if/when you come to the studio yourself, you'll be rocking the moves & way ahead of the game ;) These exercises are also a great way to get fit at home or on-the-go! I find myself regularly using Pure Barre exercises during my hotel room workouts. Additionally, you can get all the outfits I'm wearing at the Pure Barre Williamsburg studio, so definitely go by if you're looking for some fun, new workout gear! Come & join me, get that healthy & strong body you've always wanted- come Get Fit with Britt!

Today's exercise is the simple-looking, yet highly effective tricep dip. This is a easy exercise that you can do almost anywhere, and it's great at adding definition to your arms. You can mix it up by changing the position of your feet (heels together/toes apart, hip width apart, or up on your heels), but always make sure to keep your butt hovering right between your hands. It's easy to let your butt slide forward without realizing, but this makes the work easier and less effective. Create the dipping motion by bending your elbows slightly, then extending them back straight. By planting your feet flat and extending your arms straight, you can really take the unassuming tricep dip to the next level! Do 3 sets of 10 dips for the full effect!

*I am not a trainer or health professional, so please consult one if you feel you're doing something wrong or could potentially injure yourself.