great white

corn fritters // stacked corn fritter, poached egg, charred avocado salsa, fresh greens, bacon, halloumi

harvest bowl // charred brussels sprouts, turmeric roasted cauliflower, delicata squash, shaved almonds, pickled onion, avocado, quinoa, roasted almond vinaigrette 

Ever since my trip to Australia a couple years ago, I've been loving all things Aussie- the food, in particular (case in point: The Boathouse, Two Hands, The Farm at Byron Bay, and Top Shop Byron Bay)! I'm all about healthy, flavorful, and simply-prepared food that really lets the fresh ingredients shine, and Great White Venice embodies just that. The Australian owners brought the chill vibes of Oz, mixed it with that coastal-Californian flair, and created the perfect neighborhood café in Venice right by the beach! You'll find the usual suspects like avocado toast. a brekkie sandwich, and hearty grain bowl, but I highly suggest trying one of Great White's more unique offerings, like the beautiful blue smoothie bowl with passionfruit, e3 live blue algae, and chia seeds! My husband raved about his corn fritter, which looked more like a crab cake than a fried fritter, and came topped with a poached egg, avocado salsa, and grilled halloumi! Acclaimed Aussie coffee brand Vittoria is served here, so rest assured you'll find a Flat White just like you would in Sydney. I personally loved that they offered a seasonal kombucha on-tap as well! Stop by after your morning surf session, or before you hit the beach for some afternoon sun- either way you won't be disappointed. Grab a seat out front in the open-air patio for some great people watching and soak up that salty ocean breeze!

botanica market & restaurant

our favorite romesco // seared winter vegetables, charred leeks, peewee potatoes, almonds, cilantro, farm fried egg

morning mezze // roasted squash hummus, roasted beet-apple salad with dukkah, 6-minute egg with salsa verde, marinated olives, Bub & Grandma's bread

Oh my, Botanica Market & Restaurant. Where to even start?! One of my new neighborhood spots since being in LA has been this gem of a place, and it honestly couldn't be more up my alley if it tried! Seasonal vegetables, homemade baked goods, refreshing cocktails, natural wines... the list goes on and on. While the restaurant isn't vegetarian by any means, they emphasize vegetables, fruits, and grains, creating delicious, balanced, and fulfilling dishes that would satisfy anyone. I love their belief that healthy cooking doesn't have to be boring, but rather vibrant, creative, and super satisfying! You'll find tons of color and flavor on the menu at Botanica, along with a touch of Middle Eastern flair. I have yet to be disappointed in anything I've tried, and I love tasting new things each time I visit. The morning mezze offers a rotating mix of things like roasted squash hummus, roasted beet-apple radish salad with dukkah, a 6-minute egg with salsa verde, olives, and that wonderfully chewy Bub & Grandma's bread! Heaven! Most recently I got the smoked beet tartine, with fromage blanc, pickled onions & smoked beets on Bub & Grandma's bread with arugula, herbs, pistachios & puffed wild rice! So many delicious textures and flavors, and so much more exciting than a simple salad. Botanica is the perfect spot for grabbing a quick cup of coffee and pastry in the front market, as well as for a wonderfully relaxed meal on the foliage-filled back patio. Making a reservation for dinner is next on my agenda, and soon! Trust me, this is not a place to skip on your next trip to Los Angeles!

turkish eggs // poached farm eggs, aleppo-urfa butter, garlicky yogurt, charred scallions, lemony salad, cornmeal foccaccia // maple bacon

fattoush-y salad // caramelized spiced lamb, chopped spring vegetables, sumac croutons, roasted garlic labne, za'atar vinaigrette

republic of booza


I'm all about a new ice cream shop opening in my neighborhood, especially in the summertime! I'd been excited to try Republic of Booza ever since I first saw the signage go up a block from my apartment (dangerously close??) in Brooklyn. While you may assume Republic of Booza serves good 'ol classic ice cream, the decadent, frozen treat here is technically called booza! What the heck is booza? I had the same question. The 'original' ice cream, known for its elastic texture and resistance to melting, was developed about 500 years ago in the eastern pocket of the Mediterranean, and is super common in Lebanon and Turkey. This denser, slightly chewier cousin to ice cream gets its texture thanks to two key ingredients: sahlab, or ground orchid root, and mastic, a resin found in the bark of a tree exclusive to the Greek isles. The result is a truly creamy, flavor-packed dessert, with zero air pockets to be found. The owners like to think of it as "gelato on steroids", and I couldn't agree more. Republic of Booza offers traditional Middle Eastern flavors, like qashta (candied cream) and tahini mint chip, as well as American classics likes salted oreo and chocolate, and even some globally inspired takes like horchata de chufa and red miso! I highly recommend stopping by the Williamsburg store, and trying it out for yourself. Just look how pumped my husband is in the above photo- like a kid in a candy store ;) You may even get lucky enough to watch the spectacle of the booza being made, which involves the confectioner crushing the booza with a three foot wooden pestle and then stretching it with his or her hands! You don't see that at many other ice cream parlors!

ponta do garajau

I think one of the best parts about traveling is discovering little gems of restaurants all around the world. They don't have to be fancy, Michelin-starred spots either- maybe they're off the beaten path, and even better if they aren't your typical tourist trap! My advice: ask a local! My husband and I visited the Azores (specifically São Miguel Island) off the west coast of Portugal last fall, and after relaxing at the beautiful black sand beach of Ribeira Quente, we were on the hunt for some fresh, local grub.

Restaurante Ponta do Garajau came highly recommended to us, but we were warned that we may not be able to get in without a reservation on such short notice. We figured we'd test our luck, and showed up right when they opened, slightly sandy from the beach (and a bit worried we may be underdressed to be honest). Practically all the tables were reserved for reservations, but they were able to squeeze us in at a lovely communal table right in the middle of the outdoor dining space. Ponta do Garajau really fits in perfectly in the cute fisherman's village of Ribeira Quente, filled with rustic decor and an old-fashioned kitchen.

Let's be clear- you come to Ponta do Garajau for the seafood (it's literally just off the beach), and as soon as the food started arriving, we knew we were in the right place. I let my husband choose from the extensive menu (most of which was in Portuguese), and they even give you a "Consumer's Guide to Azorean Seafood" to help you navigate all the different fish available. We tried the octopus salad, smooth Azorean Limpet (clam-like sea snails that arrive sizzling in a grand display), Bluemouth Rockfish, and Black Scabbardfish, as well as ice cream for dessert, of course. Along with some homemade bread, cheese, olives, and wine, it was truly a memorable meal! Everything was fresh and delicious, and simply prepared in a way that allowed the seafood to shine. I cannot recommend Ponta do Garajau enough if you ever find yourself in the Azores!

lodge bread co.

I'll just come right out and say it- I'm obsessed with Lodge Bread Company. This bakery and café in west LA focuses on whole grain sourdough bread baking, freshly milled flours, and wood-fired pizzas, and truly impresses in all ways, if you ask me. Every day, Lodge Bread churns out some seriously delish and hearty bread, unique pastries, and both Neapolitan & pan pizzas, not to mention some tasty wood-fired veggie dishes as well. It's truly everything I want in a meal- carbs and sweets! I'd been eyeing the (gigantic!) sourdough cinnamon roll ever since I first saw it on Instagram, and finally indulged on my most recent visit. It's not overly sweet, thanks to a lighter, whipped frosting and that hearty whole grain sourdough, but utterly delicious with the perfect amount of cinnamon flavor! Next on my must-try list is the babka!

I've now gotten to try a good variety of things from the menu, and have yet to be disappointed. Upon first entering the bakery, after checking out the bakers handling the dough with such care , you'll find the beautiful array of pastries baked fresh that day. I highly recommend trying a couple (or five). Other than the cinnamon roll, the pine nut blondie and the carrot olive oil cake are to die for! The wood-fired cauliflower with pickled raisins & chermoula is just bursting with flavor, as are the roasted beets with chicories, cara cara oranges, labne & pepitas. You can't come to Lodge without ordering pizza. Trust me, just do it. My pan pizza was thick and chewy, almost like a slightly crusty sourdough focaccia, piled high with roasted veggies. Our sweet pea pie was the perfect seasonal treat, topped with snap peas, pea tendrils, green garlic & ricotta! I'm now drooling again just thinking about this meal, so looks like a return trip is in my very near future!

al fassia

First off, I want to apologize for the photos in this post. The lighting at Al Fassia is pretty dim at night, but the food couldn't be more delicious! For some of the best traditional Moroccan food in Marrakech, I cannot recommend Al Fassia enough. This place, which is located in Gueliz (new city) as opposed to the medina (old city) where we were staying, came highly recommended by numerous people, and I now totally understand why. We hopped in a taxi one evening and ventured out of the medina in search of some tasty, traditional eats, and couldn't have been more pleased with our meal. After seeing a colorful assortment of small plates on many other tables, we decided to start with the selection of fine salads. This consisted of beets, eggplant, carrots, and tomatoes (among others) prepared in various ways, some fresh and marinated, and others cooked down into a dip or spread. Everything was just bursting with flavor, and was the perfect complement to the freshly baked bread. I loved the beautifully hand-painted plates as well! For our entrées, we both chose chicken tagines, which seemed to be somewhat of a specialty here. Mine came with caramelized pumpkin, while my husbands was topped with caramelized onions and raisins. Both came served in their own sauce from the tagine, with a side of simple cous cous to soak up all that juicy goodness! Glory, my mouth is watering just thinking about it all again now! This was a truly memorable meal in Marrakech, one that I hope I get to experience again in the future!