six senses douro valley

My husband and I took a magical vacation this past fall to Portugal and Morocco. One of our first stops was the Douro Valley, the beautiful wine country in Portugal. I'd heard great things about Six Senses Douro Valley, and I bet you'll fall in love just by looking at their website. Unfortunately, we were booking a bit last minute, and the resort was fully booked during the time of our visit, so we ended up staying elsewhere. Lucky for me, though, I could still make reservations at The Vale de Abraão Restaurant, so my husband and I made plans for a beautiful fine-dining lunch out on the terrace. The restaurant serves classic regional dishes, but does so in a way that feels fresh and global by using seasonal, market-inspired fare. We were truly blown away by our meal, as each course was perfectly balanced with beautiful flavors. Not to mention completely picturesque! Naturally, being in Portugal, we sampled several aged port wines on our trip, and these were top of the line. Scroll through the slideshow to read details of our memorable meal- I can practically taste each dish again now! After lunch, we were able to spend the afternoon by the pool, enjoying the sun along with more local port. I highly recommend a visit to Six Senses Douro Valley, and now I'd love nothing more than to visit another one of their locations! Where to next???