the farm at byron bay

My husband and I just got back from an amazing holiday getaway to Australia, and while the beaches and summer weather were obvious highlights, the food was absolutely noteworthy as well. One of the places I was most interested in visiting was The Farm at Byron Bay, a lovely working farm with everything from pigs and chickens to sunflowers and macadamia trees. Greens, vegetables, eggs, and meat, all produced and harvested on the lush grounds, are used in the on-site restaurant, café, and produce store run by Three Blue Ducks. We got to eat at the restaurant twice, once for breakfast and another time for lunch, and everyone was thoroughly impressed with how fresh and flavorful their meals were. There was a bit of a wait both times as The Farm is clearly very popular, but just grab a coffee at the café, and take a walk around the beautiful grounds. You may find yourself wandering among the sunflower fields, or get to witness baby piglets feeding from their mother. Another must-visit is The Bread Social, which you can't miss from the tempting smells wafting throughout the space immediately upon entering. Pick up some freshly baked breads or pastries to bring home for later (or now, no judgment). I definitely recommend stopping by if you find yourself near Byron Bay! Click through the photos above for details on some of our delicious meals!