cafe mogador

Cafe Mogador is probably my husband's and my #1 go-to neighborhood spot. Although it's always super packed on the weeknights and for weekend brunch, we love going for a quiet weekday breakfast. Due to my husband working in a kitchen himself, which usually consists of very long hours and late nights, we get to go out for breakfast dates more often than dinner dates. It's quite nice to have the random Tuesday morning free together, and we love nothing more than indulging in breakfast at Cafe Mogador. We literally don't even look at the menu anymore, either. It's always the Middle Eastern eggs, poached, for me, and the Moroccan Eggs with a side of Merguez sausage for him. Plus a cappuccino and Americano, or two, of course. It really never lets us down, and is always so filling and satisfying. The fluffy za'atar pita bread is the perfect accompaniment for cleaning up every last drop from your plate. We love sitting in the enclosed "backyard" area, which has a bit of a jungle feel with all the greenery, and is the perfect temperature year-round!