triple beam pizza

Triple Beam Pizza, “the place where they weigh the pizza”, is a casual joint in Highland Park serving up classic Roman-style pies. That means you walk in to a mouth-watering view of several slabs of freshly made, thin crust pizza, and show how much you want of each with a simple hand gesture. The guys behind the counter grab the scissors, and cut you just the right amount. Pizza here is weighed by the ounce, so get as much or as little of each kind as your heart desires! I’ve been a few times, and I must say, I truly love this no frills approach. You can also eat it Roman-style (straight from the counter), or get it American-style, so it’s reheated and crisped in the oven for a few minutes. Plus, knowing that Nancy Silverton is the mastermind behind this spot, you know the pizza is going to be totally legit. There’s always a great variety available, from the uniquely delicious acorn squash with honey, to more classic options like margherita or sausage with mushrooms. Yum! The focaccia is also fluffy, chewy, and baked to perfection if you’re wanting a more bready, less cheesy option. I’ve heard they’ll even do a made-to-order vegan pie, so I’ll have to try that out soon as well! Definitely stop by next time you’re in Highland Park!


There's a ton of fast-casual, grab & go places in NYC these days, many of which offer fresh, healthy, and seasonal American cuisine. There are far less options, however, when it comes to fresh, healthy, and seasonal Indian fare (other than Babu Ji... RIP). I love Indian food, but I most commonly eat when ordering from my local spot off Seamless, and while it's always delicious, sometimes it can feel a bit heavy. Inday is born from the belief that food should provide nourishment for your body as well as balance for your life. Their food is both delicious and exciting, as well as mindful and nutritious, which is practically everything I want in a meal! The menu offers nutrient-dense, balanced dishes with both meat and vegetarian options, that just happen to be completely gluten-free! Inday follows the bowl-concept, so pick from one of their many unique and flavorful options, or create your own! I got a rainbow veggie mezze bowl with super greens, turmeric slaw, red cucumbers, chana masala, blackened eggplant, chickpea ranch, fermented carrots, and a lentil crisp! Talk about a mouthful- but I loved each and every component! I'm looking forward to trying some of their new seasonal offerings, as well as the delicious sounding beverages and sweets. The chaga charcoal chai, golden mylk chai, and the avo cocoa dessert are most certainly calling my name- a return trip is in order very soon!

sunday in brooklyn

sunday, bloody sunday- mezcal, house bloody mix, sambal, high life nip // juanny appleseed- reposado tequila, hot apple cider, cinnamon, brown butter

pecan sticky bun

grain bowl // toasted barley, boiled egg. spicy cauliflower, mustard greens, kale, charred avocado

long island patty melt // caramelized onion, yellow mustard, swiss, sour pickles

I'm all about a neighborhood spot that offers both a feel-good, casual atmosphere as well as fresh and delicious food. Sunday in Brooklyn strives to do just that with a welcoming restaurant, market and coffee counter in South Williamsburg. The owners have taken their favorite day- Sunday!- a day of comfort, adventures, and family, and made it the mission of the restaurant. I was a big fan of Isa, the previous restaurant in this location, so SIB had big shoes to fill in my book. My husband and I stopped in for brunch recently, and are already looking forward to a return trip soon. We started with cappuccinos and a warm, freshly baked pecan sticky bun, which pulled apart in perfect ooey, gooey layers. Since it was Sunday, after all, we indulged in a bloody Mary and spiked hot cider, which were perfectly spicy and sweet. It was hard to decide on entrées as we were tempted by several dishes- the malted pancakes, biscuits & gravy, plus a variety of sweet and savory sandwiches all sounded delicious. We decided on the grain bowl and patty melt, which did not disappoint. And how pretty are the marbled ceramic plates!? Scroll through the photos to see more descriptions of each item. Even better, at SIB it's Sunday every day, so brunch is served seven days a week! Pop into the cute market shop for some ready-made pastries and pantry items, or grab a coffee to-go.

I've also had the opportunity to enjoy dinner at Sunday in Brooklyn, and the meal was fantastic (see below!). I love that they've utilized the upstairs dining area- a space that Isa reserved for private events- because it has such a lush and cozy feel to it that makes it seem like home. Plus the rooftop garden and sidewalk café are open in the warmer months, which is clutch for any NYC restaurant! The spring menu was so fresh, vibrant, and über colorful- the chef knows how to put the season's bounty to good use in the tastiest ways imaginable. Some dishes, like the radishes with koji butter and the beets with nuts & seeds, were truly works of art and just begging to have their photo taken (I was more than happy to oblige, of course). The roasted cabbage with fermented black trumpet mushrooms had such a unique and interesting flavor profile that kept us coming back for more. I'm not even a fried chicken person (I know- who am I?), but the housemade togarashi blend coating the drumsticks really took these babies to the next level- totally addicting! If you can believe it, I didn't get a good photo of our desserts. I'm actually surprised this doesn't happen more often considering how little discipline I have around sweets. But I can assure you that both the goat ice cream with date molasses & bitter chocolate AND the warm devil's food cake with peanut butter ice cream & cocoa nib praline are to die for!  I'm already looking forward to returning soon for an afternoon cocktail in the rooftop garden! 


Whether you live in Los Angeles or not, you've most likely heard of Sqirl. What began as a preserves company five years ago is now one of the most popular breakfast and lunch spots in LA. Sqirl serves a market-driven menu, with reimagined classics as well as super creative specials, all in a tiny space in Silver Lake. My husband and I stopped by on a recent trip to LA, and there were so many intriguing things on the menu we wanted to try. We ended up ordering mostly breakfast, and began with perfect cappuccinos and the highly acclaimed (just browse through Instagram!) brioche toast: a thick slab of freshly baked bread, smothered i just-milled almond hazelnut butter and homemade olallieberry & aprium jam. Talk about a mouthful, and it was so satisfying and delicious. The smoked whitefish tartine was such a unique and complex use of flavors- with smoky eggplant and cilantro powder- I couldn't get enough! For a hearty vegetarian option, the chickpea flour "pancake" is a solid choice, and is perfectly balanced with the creamy labneh and fresh celery salad. Sqirl is also known for their baked goods, and while I surprisingly didn't try any this time, the Malva pudding cake, Sqirl power balls, and Valrhona & Fleur de Sel cookies looked particularly tempting. I look forward to getting a few next time I'm in town, as well as trying out the lunch menu!

local foods


Local Foods is one of my favorite lunch spots in my hometown of Houston, Texas. They serve a gourmet selection of sandwiches and salads, all prepared with delicious, local ingredients. There are tons of fresh and satisfying options to choose from, including a banh mi, chicken posole, a vegan quinoa burger, and several seasonal salads. My favorite sandwich is the Garden Sammie, which is filled to the brim with Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, local sprouts, pickled onion, tomato, avocado spread & hummus on a chewy Ciabatta bun. You can also get their sandwiches made as salads, so occasionally I do that and add grilled chicken, which is equally tasty! But sometimes freshly baked bread is really where it's at, ya know? It comes with your choice of two sides, and instead of the typical (and boring!) fries or mixed greens, Local Foods offers some truly flavorful and worthy options, like Tuscan kale salad, cauliflower tabbouli, soba noodles, and quinoa!

There's truly something for everyone here, making it the perfect spot for a family and friends get-together anytime I'm back home. Don't miss the freshly baked sweets at the counter when you're ordering! The butterscotch blondie and chocolate cupcake are deliciously decadent and totally worth the indulgence!