There's a ton of fast-casual, grab & go places in NYC these days, many of which offer fresh, healthy, and seasonal American cuisine. There are far less options, however, when it comes to fresh, healthy, and seasonal Indian fare (other than Babu Ji... RIP). I love Indian food, but I most commonly eat when ordering from my local spot off Seamless, and while it's always delicious, sometimes it can feel a bit heavy. Inday is born from the belief that food should provide nourishment for your body as well as balance for your life. Their food is both delicious and exciting, as well as mindful and nutritious, which is practically everything I want in a meal! The menu offers nutrient-dense, balanced dishes with both meat and vegetarian options, that just happen to be completely gluten-free! Inday follows the bowl-concept, so pick from one of their many unique and flavorful options, or create your own! I got a rainbow veggie mezze bowl with super greens, turmeric slaw, red cucumbers, chana masala, blackened eggplant, chickpea ranch, fermented carrots, and a lentil crisp! Talk about a mouthful- but I loved each and every component! I'm looking forward to trying some of their new seasonal offerings, as well as the delicious sounding beverages and sweets. The chaga charcoal chai, golden mylk chai, and the avo cocoa dessert are most certainly calling my name- a return trip is in order very soon!