fave products // nutrafol supplement

My hair has been through a lot. From the chic platinum blonde pixie cut I rocked for a while, to the (almost) daily styling with hot tools and products on set, its strength is definitely put to the test. While I consider my hair to be in pretty great condition, all things considered, I have been noticing some light breakage at the front/center of my head (where my hair parts) as well as near the crown. I personally try not to use any damaging tools or products on my hair, and make it a point to always hydrate with a nourishing oil. Due to the nature of my work, however, it's impossible to completely avoid the culprits. That's where Nutrafol comes in. My hair colorist introduced me to this natural, drug-free hair supplement a while back, and it's a true game changer. Nutrafol works to: 1) Rebalance- helps rebalance harmful levels of stress hormones to reduce follicle damage; 2) Repair- supports hair follicle restoration & helps reduce micro-inflammation; 3) Revitalize- helps revive follicles, increase scalp circulation, & improve follicle function; and 4) Regrow- supports your hair's growth cycle & helps you grow healthier hair. Change doesn't happen overnight, but trust me- if you stick with it, you'll notice a dramatic difference in the quality of your hair. By using the beneficial properties of potent therapeutic plant botanicals (like ashwagandha, biocircumin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid), Nutrafol is able to achieve what vitamins & minerals alone are not: your strongest, fullest, and healthiest hair!