brand love // true botanicals

Have you ever come across a line of products that not only impresses you with its stellar ingredient lists, but also is totally transformative for your skin? Products that make you think- Why didn't I know about these sooner? I recently had such an experience with True Botanicals. Super concentrated, bio-active ingredients come together to yield unparalleled results, all while causing zero harm to your skin. In fact, the entire line of products is MADE SAFE certified, critically analyzed and evaluated by third party scientists to ensure no harmful ingredients are involved in any way. Rest easy- you can use these products without any hesitation and feel great about doing such wonderful things for your skin along the way. I've already raved about their renewal serum and vitamin C serum, but be sure to keep an eye out for reviews of some of their other products soon as well. I can say for certain that I am a True Botanicals convert.