fave products // true botanicals renewal serum & vitamin c booster

While I like to think I take pretty good care of my skin, one product I hadn't fully incorporated into my routine until recently is serum. That all changed when I discovered the luxury, anti-aging products from True Botanicals. All their products are made from super concentrated, bio-active ingredients, allowing them to deliver clinically proven results without compromising your health. The Cellular Repair Serum strengthens the barrier function and moisture retention of the skin. It helps to restore suppleness and leaves you with smooth and glowing skin! Hyaluronic acid, which assists aging cells in retaining water, and True Botanicals bioferment, which boosts collagen production and encourages cell growth, are both key players here. I use the "clear" serum, which also contains ingredients to help prevent blemishes, like black willow bark extract and olive leaf extract, but there are "calm" and "renew" serums available as well. I like to apply my serum with a shake or two the Vitamin C Booster. Did you know many products (like beauty creams) that contain vitamin C lose their potency over time due to oxidation, making them less effective? I didn't! This is vitamin C in its purest form: it retains its maximum potency until right when it's mixed with a serum, so you can be sure that what you're applying to your skin is highly transformative and effective. You may already know that vitamin C helps to brighten aging skin and fight wrinkles, but it also stimulates collagen production and evens the skin tone! Ferulic acid is also added for that extra anti-oxidant boost. I totally recommend using the Vitamin C Booster right along with the Cellular Repair Serum, ensuring a potent, nourishing, and free-radical fighting transformation. Talk about a one- two punch!