My best friend, Stephanie Hoban of Ripe Cuisine, just so happened to be in Philadelphia for work at the same time I was recently. We decided to go out to eat at Vedge for a delicious vegan meal! Stephanie is a vegan chef & registered dietician, and although I'm not vegan nor vegetarian, I love all things veggie! We were both seriously impressed with this dinner. I love when plant-based food is both creative & satisfying, and the food at Vedge is definitely both, all while making vegetables the star of the show. Here is just a sampling of what we enjoyed. I cannot wait to go back!



salt roasted gold beets, everything lavash, smoked tofu, crushed cucumbers


rutabaga fondue, today's soft pretzel, yesterday's pickles




wood roasted carrot, kimchee reuben, pumpernickel, sauerkraut puree


braciole, smoked & roasted eggplant, italian salsa verde, cured olive puree




hakurei turnips, turnip kimchee, refried farro


broccolini, smoked onion dashi, grilled shiitake



figgy cheesecake, fig jam & concord grape jam gel, madeira ice cream, "honey smacks"


miso caramel delite, kung pao pineapple, coconut-mac nut granola, kaffir lime sorbet





to finish, vegan millionaire bars