fave products // babor cleansing hy-öl & phyto-active sensitive

Come wintertime, I like to take my skincare to the next level with a super gentle and hydrating oil cleanser. You may have heard about the popular “double cleansing” method by now. It originated in Korea, and typically involves an oil cleanser to help remove makeup, sunscreen, city pollution, and anything else your skin may have accumulated throughout the day. At first I was a bit hesitant to try it out- it seemed like it could dry out my skin and strip it of the good oils it needs! However, I needn’t have worried. Once I started researching, I came across Babor Cleansing Hy-Öl and Phyto-Active Sensitive Cleansers, which looked like the perfect mix of water, plant-based oils, and essential vitamins to nourish the skin rather than deplete it. You start with a few pumps of the Hy-Öl and massage it into dry skin. Then add a pump or two of the Phyto-Active, spreading it evenly across your face. Next wet your fingers a bit, and create a smooth lather of the two on your skin. Rinse and pat dry! I’ve been loving how my skin feels after using this cleansing system, super soft and refreshed. Babor even makes a few different Phyto-Active Cleansers, so you can choose the best fit for your skin type, whether that’s sensitive, dry, dull, or combination. If you’re looking to switch up your cleanser this winter, I definitely recommend checking out Babor products for calm and youthful, glowing skin!

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