suitcase workout


When traveling for work, I've learned it's a good idea to bring a few key items in your suitcase so that you can fit in a workout on-the-go. Running outside is nice, but isn't always an option. I typically prefer strength training over cardio anyways, so it's nice to know that you can still get your sweat on in the convenience of your own hotel room. A resistance band is a great, lightweight option that you can keep in your suitcase, and can be used for a wide variety of exercises like glute presses, clam shells, abdominal curls, and shoulder presses. I also like to bring a pair of 2 lb. ankle weights with me, as you can attach them to your ankles for added resistance in your butt or leg exercises, or hold them as dumbbells to work the arms and chest. It's better to put these in a checked luggage bag though, as airport security will have to check them if they're in your carry-on. A jumprope is another great option, assuming the ceilings in your hotel room aren't super low (this happens a lot), and can be an excellent form of cardio if you feel like you just want to move a bit after sitting on a plane for hours! I like doing high-knee jumps with the jumprope, and I'm still trying to master the "double-unders". No equipment? No problem! There are tons of exercises (think barre or pilates) that simply use your own body weight as resistance, and these days it's easy to find videos & demos online. Definitely check out my "get fit with britt" series for motivation and ideas!

*Photo by Alex Cramer for Free People