fave products // sun potion he shou wu


My Sun Potion experiment began with Ashwagandha, and since I liked what I saw and how I felt after using it, I decided to add another transformational herb to my routine. He Shou Wuone of the most revered herbs in Chinese medicine, is known as a Taoist herb and Jing tonic for its use as a longevity, beauty, and rejuvenation food. Continued use is believed to tonify and nourish the hair, skin, nervous system, sexual center, Shen (spirit), and Jing (primary essence/life force). It's also said to help reduce cholesterol, tonify the endocrine glands, promote red blood cells, and improve immune function. All pros in my book, and I'd been having some breakage issues with my hair, due to coloring and hot tools, so I was hoping this would help in that regard as well. I mix a serving of He Shou Wu into my coffee along with Ashwagandha and collagen, for a powerful morning boost. The taste is hardly noticeable, but I actually enjoy the warming, slightly spiced notes it adds to my coffee. I'm happy to report positive changes in my hair, skin, and nails since starting use of He Shou Wu, and am definitely sold on its large range of health and spirit boosting properties. As is the case with all powerful Sun Potion foods, they're best consumed in small, regular doses over a long period of time, so stick with it to see for yourself all of the worthwhile improvements that can be made.