fave products // tata harper body scrub & balm

I'm back with more Tata Harper goodies, and his time, it's all about the body! With all the attention given to the skin on your face these days, it's easy to forget about pampering your body. Regular exfoliation and hydration are key, so you can keep those limbs baby soft! I like to keep my Tata Harper Smoothing Body Scrub in the shower for a totally spa-like exfoliation treatment while I cleanse. It's strong but gentle, and helps to fight dull, uneven, and rough skin using Tata's special biodegradable multi-particle polishing complex. It's sure to leave your skin super smooth and glowing! PS- try it out before shaving to help open up the root and soften your hair too! 

Following a scrub, I love to lather up with a thick, hydrating cream. Tata Harper's Redefining Body Balm is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, leaving your skin feeling totally nourished and protected, but not greasy in the least. Anyone with stretch marks or scarring can greatly benefit this firming balm as well, since it's got a proprietary blend of six natural butters working their magic to help make these less noticeable! As with all Tata's products, every ingredient is 100% natural and non-toxic, making these equally great for those with sensitive skin like me :)

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