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Allow me to let you in on a recent skincare trend I’ve been loving. Skincare boosters! Boosters have been gaining popularity lately, and for good reason. Simply put, they’re high-powered formulas of concentrated ingredients that amplify improvements in your skin, so you get the results you want, only quicker! Paula’s Choice has created eight powerhouse boosters, each targeting a specific skincare concern, that can be used alone or combined with your favorite serum or moisturizer to give it that extra potency. I like that Paula’s Choice chooses to use only ingredients backed by research for the exact concerns each booster is designed to address. That way you know you’re getting a truly effective product! I’ve been trying out a few of the boosters recently, and can honestly say I’m impressed. Their lightweight textures make them ideal to layer with my other products, and be on my way!

Starting with a tried and true favorite, the Hyaluronic Acid Booster targets parched skin, fine lines, and lack of suppleness with ease, leaving you with soft, plump skin. If you struggle with red or brown marks, dull skin, or fine lines, the C15 Super Booster could be for you! The 15% ascorbic acid is combined with vitamin E & ferulic acid (like cult-fave SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic) to give you an all-over translucent glow. Vitamin B3 is having a bit of a moment lately, thanks to its ability to help visibly reduce the appearance of large pores and uneven skin tone. The 10% Niacinamide Booster is combined with additional antioxidants to deliver key anti-aging benefits. Winning! For those with blemish-prone skin, the 10% Azelaic Acid Booster is where it’s at. It’s been such a great alternative to the typical salicylic acid products- I really notice a difference! I’m also looking forward to trying out the 1% Retinol Booster post-pregnancy, as this multi-tasker fights advanced signs of aging as well as pesky blemishes! Next on my list is the C25 Super Booster (great for spot treating stubborn discoloration) and the Peptide Booster (with a hydrating amino acid complex). Which are you most curious to try?

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