fave products // huxley secret of sahara face masks

Masks come in many varieties, be it a sheet mask or, more commonly, as a liquid concoction applied to the skin and washed off after a short time. Masks can help treat various skin ailments, including dryness, breakouts, oiliness, dullness, wrinkles, etc. While it may be tempting to try out all the popular new products, it’s important to use a mask that truly caters to your skin’s specific needs. Huxley is a Korean skincare brand quickly gaining fans stateside thanks to a highly effective range of natural skincare. Sahara-sourced prickly pear is the key component in all Huxley’s products, and for good reason. The prickly pear oil extracted from this potent succulent is rich in vitamin E, an anti-inflammatory antioxidant found in many skincare products these days. Vitamin E is a powerhouse of an ingredient, working to help skin heal faster, reduce redness, and slow the breakdown of collagen! Huxley’s prickly pear seed oil is certified organic and maintains a high level of moisture in even the harshest of environments. Sign me up!

The Huxley mask trio is the perfect treat for your at-home spa day. The Scrub Mask Sweet Therapy exfoliates and polishes the skin using sucrose and walnut shell powder, revealing baby soft skin underneath. I like applying it in a circular motion with my hands, creating a thermal warming effect. This helps reduce swelling and draws out impurities from the pores. The Healing Mask Keep Calm soothes sensitive skin thanks to centella asiatica, while nourishing and hydrating with hyaluronic acid. I love the funky jelly-like texture (like grated cactus), which makes for a truly nature-inspired masking experience! The Sleep Mask Good Night helps lock in moisture and softens skin overnight! Plant based botanicals work their magic while you sleep, promoting skin regeneration and reinforcing the skin barrier, while also boosting radiance! Don’t worry- the refreshing gel texture quickly absorbs into your skin, so the mask won’t end up all over your pillowcase. Feel free to use all three for a DIY facial of sorts, or pick and choose depending on your skin’s needs! 

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