fave products // w3ll people narcissist foundation cream

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Considering the fact that our skin absorbs 80% of what we put on it, I'd say it's pretty important to know the quality of ingredients in our skincare products. W3ll People uses none of the artificial chemicals that can be so harmful to our complexions, but instead only 100% natural ingredients that deliver flawless coverage and soothing protection. Enter W3ll People Narcissist Foundation, a creamy formula that melts instantly into the skin, giving it a fresh, healthy glow. I find it works great at balancing my skin tone while diminishing the appearance of imperfections, and I love its weightless, satiny finish. Not to mention, the stick design makes it easy to toss in your bag for on-the-go application. You can use it simply as a spot treatment and to cover redness, or over the entire face, creating buildable coverage as needed. I can safely say Narcissist is one of my fave new go-to's in my makeup bag, and I definitely recommend you try it out for yourself!

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get fit with britt // chest

Welcome back to Get Fit with Britt! I'm going to be posting some demos of my fave exercises taught at Pure Barre Williamsburg, with the help of their awesome instructors. Pure Barre is a fast, effective, and most importantly, safe way to change your body, and follows a technique that's high-intensity, but low impact to protect your joints! Thanks to Pure Barre, I have been able to build long, lean (not bulky!) muscles while tapering everything in & lifting it up! For this series, we will pick a particular move, explain the focus area and correct form, then demonstrate it so you can practice at home! That way, if/when you come to the studio yourself, you'll be rocking the moves & way ahead of the game ;) These exercises are also a great way to get fit on-the-go! I find myself regularly using Pure Barre exercises during my hotel room workouts. Additionally, you can get all the outfits I'm wearing at the Pure Barre Williamsburg studio, so definitely go by if you're looking for some fun, new workout gear! Come & join me, get that healthy & strong body you've always wanted- come Get Fit with Britt!

Today's workout focuses on the chest. While it's easy to focus most of your arm work in the triceps and biceps, it's important to work the chest muscles as well! It is the area that gets shown off when you wear a tank top, after all. Try to keep your neck and shoulders relaxed throughout this exercise- holding tension here doesn't help you! Instead, keep your arms lifted to shoulder height and your elbows wide so that you can effectively tone that tank top line! Do ten reps of each move, and repeat the sequence three times to get the chest muscles pumping!

*I am not a trainer or health professional, so please consult one if you feel you're doing something wrong or could potentially injure yourself.

fave products // lilah b. multipurpose makeup palettes

Y'all know I'm a sucker for clean beauty. Meaning skincare and makeup brands that are made from natural ingredients, with no crazy chemicals or fragrances. Lilah b. is just that, and their goal is to make beauty simple by offering a minimalistic collection of multi-purpose products that give you a finished look with less. I mean, couldn't practically everyone benefit from a movement to declutter, minimalize, and simplify? I know I could! You'll find ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, and agar in their products, which work to soothe and hydrate the skin while adding any coverage or color you may want. Their palettes come in beautiful, sleek and modern stone compacts, and are an ideal addition for those looking to streamline their morning routine!

Lilah b.'s All You Need Discovery Set really is all you need to give you a simple, but beautiful look thanks to their three multi-tasking best-sellers. I'm not typically one to wear foundation, but The Flawless Finish Foundation is more of a silky, weightless powder that doesn't feel heavy or leave you with that caked-on makeup look. Although it's buildable for those seeking more coverage, it still gives my skin that naturally luminous glow I crave. It also comes in a variety of shades, so there's something for every skin tone. The Palette Perfection Eye Quad in b.stunning is the perfect combination of neutral shades, giving you multiple options for eye looks whether you're looking for something more natural or more dramatic. I even like using it as a bronzer or contour if I want a little more golden glow! The Divine Duo Lip & Cheek palette in b.lovely is great for adding a little pop of color to your look. It's creamy, but with a matte finish, so it won't leave you looking too shiny. I found the blendable color to also be super long-lasting, which is key. Thanks to lilah b., you really can be more, with less!

fave products // tata harper clarifying cleanser & moisturizer

I love me some Tata Harper. The brand is known for its use of potent, highly effective ingredients, while also remaining completely free of toxins. The perfect combination in my opinion! Their clarifying line of products in particular is great for those with blemish-prone skin, and I find myself reaching for these whenever my skin gets a bit irritated or hormonal. The Clarifying Cleanser and Clarifying Moisturizer provide a powerful one-two punch that target blemish-causing impurities while providing key hydration and moisture for your skin. As with all Tata's cleansers, you're instructed to apply a few pumps to dry skin, massaging it into a lather, then rinse with warm water. I love the cooling effect it has from mint extract, and sometimes will even leave it on for a few minutes as a flash cooling mask! Active ingredients like prickly pear flower enzymes create an exfoliating effect to help clear buildup and also promote cell renewal. Wild-crafted juniper fruit helps balance oil and sebum, while chlorella soothes redness and calms irritation. 

Once cleansed, I like to apply a few spritzes of Tata Harper's Hydrating Floral Essence before moving onto a serum and moisturizer. The Clarifying Moisturizer makes my skin feel nicely balanced and hydrated, without being too greasy, thanks to plumping hyaluronic acid as well as a clarifying mineral blend of copper, magnesium, and zinc. These natural astringents help remove buildup from the surface of your skin and aide in soothing. A super fruit healing blend including elderberry, sandalwood seed, sea buckthorn, tazman pepper, and palmetto berry works to minimize the effects of free radicals, while also calming redness and promoting healthy, radiant skin. Equally as important, sea fern helps reduce the appearance of any skin discoloration you may have leftover post-blemish, as well. I'll be honest, these products aren't cheap. But what I can tell you is they are made from the highest quality ingredients with absolutely none of the harsh or irritating chemicals. I'm willing to pay more for something that I know works and makes my skin look and feel its best- so if you're considering trying out Tata Harper, I highly suggest you do!

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fave products // love beauty and planet coconut oil & ylang ylang shampoo & conditioner

There’s just something that feels right about supporting companies who do good, both for your own body as well as Mother Earth. Love Beauty & Planet is all about small acts of love that make you and our planet a little more beautiful every day! I’ve been trying out some of their newly launched shampoos, conditioners, and body washes, and so far I’m really impressed! Sometimes products that are too “all natural” don’t seem very effective, but I can tell you that’s definitely not the case. LBP offers six unique collections, each infused with signature natural ingredients. I’m partial to the Hope and Repair line made with organic coconut oil and ylang ylang- it’s the perfect treatment for damaged hair! Their conditioners even uses something called fast-rinse technology, which helps keep your hair tangle free and not weighed down, allowing you to cut down on rinse and overall shower time!

Ethically sourced oils and extracts (like French heirloom lavender!) are used as opposed to irritating synthetic fragrances. In addition, their labels separate easily so that the bottles are easily reused, and all their bottles come from 100% recycled plastic! Talk about a commitment to doing good for our planet! Even better, Love Beauty & Planet has formed planet-focused partnerships that help fund environmental changemakers as well as programs that help reduce carbon emissions. Good for me and the planet- what could be better? Safe to say I’m a total LBP fan, and I plan to check out their dry shampoos next!

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fave products // dermalogica biolumin-c serum

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the benefits of vitamin C. This potent antioxidant works wonders for your skin, boasting some seriously impressive anti-aging qualities. The truth is that various natural and environmental triggers are working against your skin every single day, causing hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines and loss of elasticity. That’s where Dermalogica’s BioLumin-C Serum comes in. Using advanced biotechnology, it delivers the maximum amount of vitamin C specifically where your skin needs it the most, essentially enhancing the skin’s natural defense system and giving you brighter skin from within. Their version is also ultra-stable, so it actually delivers three times more vitamin C serum into your skin than other similar products!

I’ve been using the serum for a while now, and have been seriously impressed with the results. Lately I’ve been dealing with slight hyperpigmentation in certain spots, and I’ve definitely noticed my skin has become brighter and more balanced since using BioLumin-C. Not to mention if feels more firm. It’s clear that vitamin C is a true skincare powerhouse, but Dermalogica takes their product a step further. Besides neutralizing free radicals and helping defend against oxidative stress, this supercharged serum goes beyond the surface to actually help stop damage before it even starts. And of course, it gets major bonus points in my book for being cruelty-free, paraben free, and formulated without artificial fragrances or colors. If you haven’t incorporated vitamin C into your skincare routine yet, I highly suggest you do so, and this product is a great place to start!

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