whip it good


Everyone knows I'm a sugar addict, and while I don't really restrict my sweet tooth (for the most part), I do love finding slightly healthier ways to indulge it from time to time. Let's be real, endless desserts full of processed sugar, flour, and butter do not make you feel great, and are not great for your waistline. I was super pumped to find this gem of a place while vacationing in Sydney, Australia. Whip It Good is a vegan ice cream bar in the heart of Bondi Beach, serving some seriously tasty coconut-based soft serve. Their ice cream and toppings are free of gluten, grains, lactose, and dairy, and most are kosher as well! I know some of you may be thinking- So, what does that leave? How could it still taste creamy and delicious? Trust me when I say both the standard Plain Jane coconut soft serve as well as the seasonally-rotating option are worth your time (and calories)! I fell in love with the turmeric soft serve- the deeply spiced and earthy flavor may not be for everyone, but it was definitely right up my alley. Both my husband and I went for the Banoffee Ya Face sundaes, complete with soft serve (I went turmeric base, while he went with the traditional coconut), toasted banana bread, and caramelized bananas. Oh. My. Gosh. It was literally heaven in a bowl, and I wish I could eat it again right now! Some of their other offerings were just as tempting- think chocolate donuts, caramel sauce, and toasted nuts! Yum! Here's hoping that Whip It Good opens a location stateside soon!