pressed juicery

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Most people know Pressed Juicery as the place to go when you're on a health kick and need some extra greens in your life in the form of a cold-pressed juice. While that definitely still rings true, I was excited to try out their newer offering, Freeze. These vegan treats are made from 100% fruits, vegetables, & nuts, then frozen into a delightful soft serve consistency, and served with an array of toppings. As an afternoon cool-off on a sunny day, I chose the Greens Freeze, topped with shredded coconut. It was super refreshing and delicious! Coconut meat and dates are added to their green juice base, which takes the Freeze to that "dessert" level, while still keeping things super healthy. I also sampled the creamier Chocolate Freeze, which has an almond, date & cacao base, and would make for the perfect dessert topped with almond butter! I definitely suggest checking them out next time you stop by.