I love that so many restaurants are making vegetables the stars of their menus these days. Instead of simply being a side dish or afterthought, vegetables are the main focus and really getting their time to shine. Nix is following suit with an innovative, seasonal, and vegetable-focused menu by Michelin starred chef John Fraser. Their belief that "eating vegetarian or vegan cuisine should feel more celebration than sacrifice" is truly evident in the unique and flavorful dishes presented. A true highlight of the meal was the acclaimed yukon potato fry bread, which came "highly decorated" with seasonal fixings and was truly satisfying. The cauliflower tempura with steamed buns and house pickles was a delicious vegetarian take on a Chinese classic, the shiitake "cacio e pepe" with heirloom polenta was hearty and comforting, and the freshly baked tandoor bread with Middle Eastern-style dips is not to be missed either. Chef Fraser draws on inspiration from cuisines all around the world, and in doing so creates a highly creative and memorable vegetarian menu that will leave you planning a return trip very soon.