messina gelato


Long before my husband and I ever stepped foot in Australia for our recent vacation, I started to research places to eat. Food is such a big part of our lives, and eating at new exciting places is one of the best parts of vacation in my humble opinion! Messina Gelato came up on several lists I'd read as a must-visit place for ice cream! Their made-from-scratch, unique flavors created with high-quality, natural ingredients yield some seriously creamy and delicious gelato. Messina has 35 signature flavors, plus 5 specials per week, so there's always something new and unique to try! Many of their flavors contain lots of tasty mix-ins, which are the key to my heart when it comes to ice cream. It was super difficult to narrow it down, but after much deliberation (and several taste tests!), I finally decided on pandan & coconut (which was dairy-free) and monoffee pie, one of the daily specials- caramel gelato with banana jam, whipped cream & pie crust! My husband went his usual chocolate route, but they had so many tempting chocolate offerings, his cup was anything but boring. Think milk chocolate gelato with chocolate peanut fudge, peanut butter gelato with chocolate brownies & dulce de leche jam, and chocolate hazelnut tiramisu gelato with mocha soaked biscuits! I could go on and on about all the over-the-top flavors, but just trust me and definitely stop by if you're ever in Sydney or Melbourne. I only wish we had more time to try them all!