magpies soft serve


I love soft serve. I love ice cream too, but I enjoy it even more once it's gotten a bit softer and all melty. I joke that my husband and I share a pint together perfectly, as he loves the cold, hard stuff and eats straight down the middle, while I prefer the edges of the pint that start to melt right off the bat! Magpies Softserve is what many would call "chef-driven" soft serve. It provides the same nostalgic feel of a dip from Dairy Queen, but with super creative and freshly made flavors and toppings. Everything is made in-house in the Silver Lake dessert shop, and you can totally taste the difference in quality. They even offer vegan, non-dairy options, which are equally as satisfying as their dairy counterparts. I went with a swirl of corn almond and Mexican hot chocolate soft serve, topped with almond brittle and chocolate covered honeycomb! Talk about unique, and oh so delicious! Other flavor options include malted milk chocolate, cookie butter (my heaven!), pumpkin, and coffee, and the topping options are just as tempting: graham cracker streusel, butterscotch Rice Krispies, toasted maple coconut chips, and vegan fudge sauce! I only wish they'd open a location in New York! Until then, Magpies remains at the top of my must-visit list when in Los Angeles.