llama inn

Another stellar recent addition to the Brooklyn dining scene is Llama Inn. I love the vibe here, totally approachable and the type of place you'd want to come and hang all day. In fact, they even encourage you to "pop in, stay a while, get to know us" on their website. They're open for lunch and dinner, as well as brunch on the weekends, so there's really no excuse to stay away! The menu is Peruvian-inspired, and uses local ingredients to create fresh and seasonal food that is absolutely bursting with flavor. Just look at all the colors in the photos above (click on the pics to read food descriptions too)- such a vibrant and delicious take on Peruvian cuisine!  The drinks menu, featuring cocktails with authentic Hispanic roots and small batch wines, is both creative and refreshing as well. I'm already planning my return trip, but just a heads up- reservations are starting to get harder to come by with the constant buzz surrounding tis place, so plan ahead! Or, stroll in and grab a Pisco at the bar while you wait!