Isa is one of our go-to local neighborhood spots. I love the comforting atmosphere, which almost feels like a log cabin in the woods. When it's nice out and the windows are open, it creates a lovely open-air breeze throughout. A wood-burning oven is a sure fire way to make almost anything delicious, and Isa uses their's well. We love the pizzas, whether it's the breakfast pizza topped with an egg, a Spanish style chorizo with jalapeños & black olives, or a roasted cauliflower with nettle pesto! The crust is perfectly charred and chewy.

I loved how bright and beautiful the seared tilefish was, and the chickpea puree, shaved golden beets & rainbow carrots were the perfect accompaniments. For brunch, you can't go wrong with the brunch bowl. It's a healthy yet hearty vegetarian dish featuring whole grains, fresh & roasted seasonal veggies, all topped with a soft boiled egg. Their unique cocktails are refreshing and worth ordering as well- below is the Vernal Potion, with gin, celery, fennel, lime & herbed sea salt. The menu (which is a super cool piece of art in itself) changes often, but the food is consistently satisfying & delicious!