Gjusta has been on my must-visit list for a while. It's owned by the same team as Gjelina, the ridiculously popular and delicious veggie-focused, Mediterranean-inspired spot in Venice, so you know it's got to be top notch. Their beautiful pastries, pizzas & veggies frequently pop up on my Instagram feed, and never fail to make my mouth water. On a recent trip to LA, I was staying in Venice and decided to take myself out to dinner and finally cross it off my list! The choices are endless, and everything is tantalizingly displayed in front of you (although you can order off a menu as well), making it tricky to narrow it down. After talking to an employee behind the counter, getting his input and suggestions, I decided on a nice mix of healthy (and not) delights. First, a slice of pizza smothered in braised greens and fresh mozzarella, was thin with a nicely charred (but doughy!) crust and a great proportion of toppings. I also got a combo plate of the day's fresh salad offerings- marinated fennel and grilled broccolini- both super well-seasoned. The star of the show for me is always dessert, and I had been dying to try their baklava croissant. I know- baklava fillings (think nuts & honey) all rolled up in a perfectly flaky croissant! Sadly, and not surprisingly, they were sold out of this popular item, but I ended up with something equally satisfying. The miso date cookie was super unique and I adored the sweet & salty flavors it boasted! I definitely plan to return to Gjusta on my next trip to LA, and I can't wait to check out what new, seasonal offerings that have available. Hopefully I'll have better luck snagging the famed baklava croissant then as well!