emmer & rye


Emmer & Rye is a new Austin hotspot, and for good reason. Their local & seasonally inspired menu is extremely impressive. Even better, they mill their own heritage grains in house, making for super fresh and tasty bread and pasta. They also source whole animals for their meat dishes, and even have an in-house fermentation process to really preserve flavors at their peak. What sets Emmer & Rye apart even more is their offering of dim sum. In addition to their menu of small plates and entrees, carts are rolled around the room offering about 10 dishes that change each night. These really highlight the farmers' offerings of the day, and allow the cooks (and diners!) to have some fun. We got a (large) mix of both menu items and dim sum- I couldn't even snap photos of it all! My husband was really blown away, and even ended up in the kitchen at the end of the meal to meet and thank the chef personally.