16 handles


16 Handles is a bit of a guilty pleasure for my husband and I. It's a little too conveniently located, so if we ever get the craving for frozen yogurt, we immediately walk over. Unfortunately, you pay by weight, and as you can see, our cups are rarely light & dainty. We pile on the various flavors & toppings, filling them to the brim, then head home & dig in on the couch. Some of my go-to flavor picks are graham cracker, peanut butter, coconut, dark chocolate & salted caramel (I'm obviously not good at narrowing it down or making decisions), but I also love their seasonal/artisan flavors like pumpkin, cinnamon doughnut & toasted marshmallow! The macaroon-topped fudge brownies (!), graham cracker crumbs, & chocolate-covered pretzels are my toppings of choice! On our most recent trip- last night!- we discovered what we think is a game-changer: toppings under the fro-yo, so you have a delicious, creamy treat of mix-ins waiting for you at the bottom of the cup! Clearly, we take this very seriously ;)