workout routine


I started going to Pure Barre at my local studio in Williamsburg about a year and a half ago. I do have a gym in my apartment building, and before Pure Barre, I was the type who didn't really believe in paying for exercise classes, since I already had a small, but adequate space so close to home. However, I was tempted by the studio's discounted new member special, and haven't looked back since! I've now taken around 300 classes, and feel better than ever about my body. Pure Barre is high-intensity, but low-impact, and I love the focus on small, isometric movements. You end up working tiny little muscle groups that you probably never would have otherwise! The instructors at the Williamsburg studio are great- they learn your name quickly, are super encouraging, and are very helpful when it comes to hands-on corrections. We work each muscle group, from arms to thighs to butt to abs, and stretch in between while the muscles are warm to promote long & lean muscles. I'm definitely much stronger and more flexible now than I ever have been. Trust me, my splits used to be a straddle, or in other words non-existent, but now I can easily do the splits on both sides! If you've never tried them before, I highly recommend barre-style workouts. My studio also recently launched Platform classes, which add a great cardiovascular aspect to your typical Pure Barre workout. I've only taken a few Platform classes so far, but am already starting to love it! Stay tuned to the GLOW page for a Get Fit with Britt demo series coming soon, and lets "lift. tone. burn" together!