local foods


Local Foods is one of my favorite lunch spots in my hometown of Houston, Texas. They serve a gourmet selection of sandwiches and salads, all prepared with delicious, local ingredients. There are tons of fresh and satisfying options to choose from, including a banh mi, chicken posole, a vegan quinoa burger, and several seasonal salads. My favorite sandwich is the Garden Sammie, which is filled to the brim with Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, local sprouts, pickled onion, tomato, avocado spread & hummus on a chewy Ciabatta bun. You can also get their sandwiches made as salads, so occasionally I do that and add grilled chicken, which is equally tasty! But sometimes freshly baked bread is really where it's at, ya know? It comes with your choice of two sides, and instead of the typical (and boring!) fries or mixed greens, Local Foods offers some truly flavorful and worthy options, like Tuscan kale salad, cauliflower tabbouli, soba noodles, and quinoa!

There's truly something for everyone here, making it the perfect spot for a family and friends get-together anytime I'm back home. Don't miss the freshly baked sweets at the counter when you're ordering! The butterscotch blondie and chocolate cupcake are deliciously decadent and totally worth the indulgence!