double zero


It's not hard to find good pizza in New York (hello Paulie Gee's and Roberta's!). But vegan pizza?! Now that's another story. My best friend is a registered dietician and vegan chef, so whenever she comes to town, we hit up all the vegan hotspots. Double Zero, a plant-based pizzeria from esteemed chef Matthew Kenney, was at the top of our list on her most recent trip, and after indulging in quite a few pies, I'm so glad that it was. The organic, veggie-heavy pies are unique in their seasonal flavor profiles, and are cooked to perfection in a traditional wood-burning oven. From their innovative take on a farro-fennel "sausage" pie, to a classic spicy marinara arrabbiata pizza with shiitake "bacon", to a white pie with roasted corn and baby kale, all the pies I tried could easily stand up to their more standard meat-and-cheese counterparts. As a non-vegan myself, one of my favorite things about Double Zero (other than the deliciously charred yet chewy crust!) was their delicious take on cheese. None of that gross, gummy, non-melty "cheese" you typically think of, but rather freshly made nut-based cheeses like smoked almond ricotta, cashew mozzarella, garlic or herb macadamia ricotta, and chili cashew cheese. They were all super flavorful, and lent a nice textural component to each pie. 

Pizza is not the only thing on the menu, however, and I definitely recommend you try some of their fresh salads or pasta dishes, like the farro bolognese with beet-zucchini spaghetti and mint pesto! Desserts were obviously on the agenda as well, and both the tiramisu and bread pudding were creamy and decadent, as they should be. Feel free to scroll through the slideshows to see more of our delicious meal. Even my extremely omnivorous (read: meat lover) husband was satisfied with this meal, which I consider a great success. I look forward to going back to Double Zero again soon for more tasty, yet healthy plant-based cuisine.